Insurance-based solutions that strengthen your products and services


We solve real needs not invented “problems”, creating mutual services that protect the members of your community and strengthen the bonds between them

We are a company driven by strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values, dedicated to strengthening our clients’ competitive advantage and ESG profile with paradigm-changing customized insurance benefits. Each insurance-based service is
co-created with our clients following a human-centric focus to bring tangible benefits to their communities and help build a more sustainable world.


We explore the specific needs of your community together

We co-design a parametric insurance service to meet those needs

We predefine transparent compensation for your community

You embed the benefit for your community in your own services

Our innovative systems manage compensation transparently, ensuring seamless payment upon the occurrence of predefined events.

ESG solutions that enhance your competitive edge, reputation and relations

Discover the innovative approach at the heart of our commitment to sustainability.


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