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The world needs more investment into carbon offsetting: $460bn by 2025!

To combat climate change, a substantial increase in funding for carbon offset initiatives is crucial. An investment of $460 billion by 2025 is essential to develop projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions, supporting a sustainable future and aligning with global environmental goals. This financial commitment is a pivotal step towards a greener economy and a healthier planet.

The market today

Carbon Credits are unreliable: greenwashing, fraud, projects failures.

Carbon credits face criticism for issues like greenwashing, where companies may exaggerate eco-friendliness, fraudulent activities undermining their integrity, and project failures that fail to deliver promised emission reductions. Ensuring transparency and accountability is vital for the credibility and effectiveness of carbon credit systems in the fight against climate change.

Projects aren’t getting off the ground, and corporates are missing their targets.

The lag in launching environmental projects and corporates failing to meet sustainability targets highlight a gap in climate action. It underscores the need for enhanced commitment and strategic planning to ensure that green initiatives are successfully implemented and corporate environmental goals are achieved.

Insuring Carbon Credits against fraudulent or fake certificate, loss, theft, damage & duplication

We2Sure gives investors confidence by providing Carbon Credits with a financial guarantee.

We2Sure empowers investors with insured Carbon Credits, bolstering confidence through robust financial guarantees. This innovative approach safeguards against the risks of fraud, loss, theft, damage, and duplication, ensuring the integrity and reliability of each Carbon Credit. It’s a secure, forward-thinking solution for environmentally conscious investments.

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AIBF named We2Sure as Business All-Star Global Environmental Insurance Company of the Year 2024

This prestigious award recognises We2Sure’s dedication to integrating innovative environmental risk management solutions within the insurance industry, championing sustainability, and supporting global ecological initiatives.

Welcome Vallerie Pin, Data Analyst Expert

With her expertise and skills, we are poised to enhance our CarbonActuator platform significantly.

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Insuring a sustainable Future. Starting our Jourey towards Net Zero Underwriting.

We2Sure announce the partnership with the Founders Factory Fintech Accelerator.

We2Sure’s insured Carbon Credits boost investment trust, ensuring project validity and certificate value.