We solve real needs with unique insurance-based benefits that bring people together as protected members of their community.

Our Vision

To lead the way in enriching client products and services, co-designing insurance-based benefits that strengthen your communities while advancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values and practices.

Our Mission

We enhance your relationships with your communities by providing inclusive new bespoke insurance services that champion social transformation, benefiting people and the planet.

Our Values

Social and Environmental Innovation

We draw inspiration from Einstein: "We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them." Let’s think new to make better.

Environmental, Social and Governance criteria focused on sustainability

We embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and design services that enhance your Environmental, Social and Governance credentials.

Good practice

Our insurance-based benefits generate cascading value for your communities and organisation because they are tailor made to meet their specific needs.

Social Transformation

Our paradigm-changing services foster change that extends beyond the environment, corporate governance and sustainability to new and emerging lifestyles.


We engage with you to co-create each benefit, leveraging your expertise and knowledge of your communities with our unique approach and technologies to generate shared value.


Our approach focuses on people, their ambitions, plans and values, fostering well-being in the individual and in the community.

Service Innovation

We anticipate the real needs of communities – whether customer groups or members of associations – and meet them by creating ad hoc benefits in line with their ESG criteria.


We believe in human beings and their ability to generate change for the greater good.

Fair Distribution

We believe in inclusiveness without discrimination, which is why our bespoke insurance services offer cover for every member of every community.


Our insurance services are always completely transparent. They specify precisely and in advance the amount of compensation and the event/s triggering it, avoiding disappointment, disputes or compromises.


Want to explore what we could offer you? Drop us a line and we’ll get straight back to you!