Supporting The Transition To Green Technologies

Green Technology Efficiency Insurance

Green Technology Efficiency Insurance

Green Technology Efficiency Insurance

Our product facilitates the adoption by householders of new, greener technologies. In general, they remove the financial and psychological barriers that might delay their rapid transition. Therefore, by removing these barriers, our insurance will accelerate the scale and adoption at an individual level. This will stabilize demand, and allow the technology manufacturer to access better funding conditions.

This Green Technology Efficiency Insurance product is co-designed with our client and embedded into their product or service offering, in order to ensure the solution is affordable and relevant for their end customers’ community.

By supporting the transition, we accelerate the adoption of Green Technologies, and ultimately, stabilize demand which will facilitate better funding conditions for the technology manufacturers.

Co-designed to ensure a lower-carbon footprint

Co-designed to ensure a lower-carbon footprint

Technology manufacturers or sale distributors would embed the insurance cover in the cost of the product and/or in the maintenance service agreement and/or loan financing agreements.

We can insure heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles. This insurance product can be extended to every technology contributing to a lower-carbon footprint.

We also insure governments, municipalities and public entities active in social housing, which will multiply their impact by covering a larger community without increasing public spending or additional tax payers’ charges.

Our Products Compensate

These insurances are primarily protecting homeowners and SMEs but are aimed at improving the service being offered by the technology manufacturers and energy company retailers. This value chain makes the insurances surprisingly affordable.

The buyers when the low carbon technology underperforms – a performance guarantee

We offer embedded parametric Green Technology Efficiency Insurance that compensates for the underperformance of the chosen technology when certain weather conditions arise. The householder is compensated with a pre-specified payment per day (e.g., average cost/day to heat their home), for as long as the bad weather exists. Our claims process is seamless by using sensors and weather data, without the need for any customer intervention.

The vendors of low carbon technologies with financial guarantees

Our insurances can also guarantee part of the financing, as well as ensuring that the loan is fully repaid by automatically including a life guarantee.

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