Parametric Insurance Strengthening Fundamental Human Resilience

Enhancing community resilience

Our products are designed to offer protection to the more vulnerable members of society when it is most needed, ensuring inclusivity, strengthening their resilience and offering support to carry on by making readily available a pre-agreed monetary compensation. These solutions are promoting the “Social Impact” on the community. They are co-designed alongside our client, making these products a business generator.

An example of these products covers death, especially when there is a continuity risk to some fundamental activity in the life of a community member. A pre-agreed sum is made immediately available upon the death of the insured. Our insurances have very few exclusions, which is not normally the case with standard life covers. The cost of the insurance is a small amount since the sums insured tend to be small and the costs are mutualized across all of the community members. The policy does not discriminate or rate the insured individually. Our technology allows for a seamless and quick claim process.

Supporting the communities with our parametric insurances

Educational Resilience Insurance

Educational Resilience Insurance

Continued education following the loss of a parent or guardian

For fee-paying schools, our Educational Resilience Insurance will indemnify the school in the event that either parent dies, for an amount covering the school fees for all the remaining educational years. The cost of the insurance is embedded into the annual school fees and the school will be indemnified in the event of a claim for as long as the pupil remains at the school. The claim amount is limited to all the remaining terms of the educational fees.

For State schools, governments, municipalities or businesses who may wish to make a social impact investment, the insurance can be designed to pay a sum that will be allocated towards the completion of higher education of the pupil.

Financial Resilience Insurance

Financial Resilience Insurance

  • Investment platforms

Our product offers a unique solution that mitigates all of the death duties for a nominal fixed amount per annum that is embedded into the service fees of the investment company.

  • Employment retention

Large corporates can increase the retention of their “Talent Pools”, specifically expatriates, by covering certain legal costs associated with mitigating complex fiscal situations arising from inheritance tax where no double taxation agreement is in place.

Community Loyalty Insurance

Community Loyalty Insurance

  • Utilities, telephone companies, and large retail businesses

Our Community Loyalty Insurance pays a pre-fixed financial sum upon the death of a community member. This becomes a customer loyalty enhancement, which is aimed at strengthening the relationship between the business and its end customers, reinforcing the brand values and strengthening that brand as the brand of choice.

No Cash Rental Deposit Insurance

The Landlord will embed the cost of the insurance into the monthly rental fees paid by the tenant.

The insurance guarantees the deposit in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

The cost of the insurance is a fraction of the rental deposit. It is renewed annually in line with the rental agreement for a small administrative fee.

If the Tenant breaches the terms of the rental agreement, the insurance will compensate the Landlord in accordance with the insurance policy.

The social impact of these offerings will reduce the impoverishment and debt of the Irish rental community which must borrow or finance their housing deposit needs.

We create social impact by bridging the landlord and the tenant ecosystem.

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